As much as we love to talk about the quality of our products, it’s also nice to hear about them from qualified professionals and leaders in their respective fields of work and research. In this series, we ask the experts why they prescribe the Juniper Scalp Therapy Shampoo…

Lisa Gilbey MIT is a former Board member of The Institute of Trichologists, with 13 years of clinical Trichology experience and 25 years in the world of hair. She runs the Northants Hair & Scalp Clinics – Trichology treatment centres in Wellingborough and Milton Keynes.

What The Experts Say: Lisa Gilbey MIT

“As a Trichologist, an important part of my job is to help my patients balance their scalp microbiome levels. I often hear complaints of irritated, itchy, flaky, or spotty scalps. If the various yeasts and bacteria levels on the scalp become unbalanced by various factors, it promotes an unhealthy scalp presenting in the above complaints. It can also exacerbate skin complaints such as eczema and common dandruff on the scalp. Having a clear, well-balanced scalp is key for also promoting optimum hair growth.

 I have been recommending the Tony Maleedy Juniper Scalp Therapy Shampoo in my Trichology clinic for many years, and with fantastic results as a dual purpose hair loss and scalp health shampoo.

 There are some really beneficial ingredients that make it both effective and unique – from a clinical perspective the inclusion of both piroctone olamine and juniper tar oil give it a seal of quality.

Piroctone olamine is beneficial for calming any itchiness and reducing yeast levels on the scalp which can cause dandruff and flaking.

Juniper tar oil, derived from Juniper trees, is the fragrant part of the shampoo which helps suppress the DNA turnover time of the skin’s epidermal layer to reduce scaling. This also benefits patients who use Minoxidil for hair loss as it helps enhance the functioning of the product on the scalp. The shampoo removes scaling from the scalp’s surface which, left untreated, would absorb the product thus reducing the effectiveness of the hair loss treatment.

Juniper oil also has strong antimicrobial properties, doubling up on action against the pathogenic side again for an unbalanced scalp microbiome.

The surfactant cleansing properties within the shampoo are gentle and don’t over-cleanse or strip the hair and scalp. The shampoo is particularly smoothing for my Afro-Caribbean patients’ hair type, as other scalp treatment shampoos leave the hair itself untreated and dry as they tend to have minimal (if any) conditioning properties.

Another key point in today’s lifestyle is the sustainability of the product. Made with 96% natural or naturally sourced ingredients, it has not been tested on animals and does not use animal extracts. The Juniper Scalp Therapy Shampoo ticks all the boxes in terms of the health of the hair and scalp.”

Lisa Gilbey MIT, Consultant Trichologist, former board member of The Institute of Trichologists.

A highly knowledgeable Trichologist, Lisa specialises in both general and bespoke treatments for all things related to hair, scalp, and hair loss.

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