Juniper, or Cade, has irrefutable healing properties with ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Greek civilisations using the oily brown liquid from its trees as a medicine and skin ailment long before its use as an edible. 

Our Juniper Oil is a rectified Cade essential oil made from coppiced Spanish Juniper Trees. Juniper tar is extracted, steam filtered & purified, leaving a wonderful ingredient with a strong, natural smell that gives our shampoo its distinctive ‘smoky wood’ fragrance and dark amber colour.

The six oils of the Juniper Scalp Therapy Shampoo - JUNIPER OIL

Like many of the natural ingredients in our scalp therapy shampoo, Juniper oil is a powerful anti-microbial & anti-inflammatory. More importantly for us, however, Juniper Cade oil has antimitotic properties. 

Mitosis is the process of cells dividing – a single cell divides into two, these two into four, and so on – this feature of the skin is vital as it creates a protective layer against infection, as new cells form to replace dead skin cells. The epidermal turnover is the rate at which the epidermis (the surface layers of skin cells) gets replaced. This process ordinarily takes around 28 days on a healthy scalp. Those suffering from dandruff often have an epidermal turnover of 14 days, and scalp psoriasis can see turnovers of only a few days. The result is scaling on the scalp.

As an antimitotic, Juniper Oil slows down the speed at which skin cells reproduce, returning them to a more normal level. It is this feature that makes Juniper oil such a brilliant ingredient in the fight against scalp problems such as:


– Eczema

– Dermatitis / Seborrheic Dermatitis