The use of Minoxidil has proven to be an effective method for controlling androgenic hair loss in many people. There can, however, be a problem with the method of applying treatments to the scalp.

A high percentage of any treatment (particularly in lotion form) which is applied topically to the scalp is absorbed by dead skin cells and any scale that is on the scalp, so preventing it from passing down the hair follicle to the target site, the hair root (or dermal papilla), at the base of the follicle, approximately 3mm to 4mm from the surface of the skin.

Even without any adverse scalp disorders such as dandruff, the build-up of dead epidermal cells on the surface of the skin is enough to act as a sponge, able to absorb a high proportion of any topically applied treatment such as Regaine, thus reducing its effectiveness and minimising the potential benefits to the hair.

Making Minoxidil and other topically applied treatments such as ‘Regaine’ more effective

Clinical tests carried out in the UK by Trichologists have shown a marked improvement in the efficacy of Minoxidil, and other topical treatments, when used in conjunction with the Juniper Scalp Therapy Shampoo. Optimising the condition of the epidermis; our Juniper Scalp Shampoo removes all excess scale from the surface of the scalp, significantly reducing the quantity of scale available to absorb Minoxidil. This allows a much higher proportion of the treatment to reach the target site at the root of the hair. 

Minoxidil, and other hair loss solutions, can also be harsh on the scalp, causing irritation and inflammation. Maintaining the health of the scalp goes a long way to improving hair retention, with or without the use of a topical treatment.

Juniper Scalp Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner 250ml by Tony Maleedy

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