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    The six oils of the Juniper Scalp Therapy Shampoo - CORN MINT OIL

    Corn Mint (Mentha arvensis), also known as field mint or wild mint, is a flowering species of the mint family. Found in the UK between July and September, the Corn Mint plant also grows across the temperate parts of Europe, India, Siberia, the Himalayas, and North America... View Post
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    Hair Myths & Facts - Hair as big as a bed!

    The surface area of a head of hair is huge. Hair that is 16 inches long has a surface area of approximately 40 sq. feet - this is about the size of a large bed and a much larger surface area than that of the skin. View Post
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    What The Experts Say: Lisa Gilbey MIT

    Lisa Gilbey MIT is a former Board member of The Institute of Trichologists, with 13 years of clinical Trichology experience and 25 years in the world of hair. She runs the Northants Hair & Scalp Clinics – Trichology treatment centres in Wellingborough and Milton Keynes. View Post
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    The six oils of the Juniper Scalp Therapy Shampoo - JUNIPER OIL

    Juniper, or Cade, has irrefutable healing properties with ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Greek civilisations using the oily brown liquid from its trees as a medicine and skin ailment long before its use as an edible. 

    Our Juniper Oil is a rectified Cade essential oil made from coppiced Spanish Juniper Trees. Juniper tar is extracted, steam filtered & purified, leaving a wonderful ingredient with a strong, natural smell that gives our shampoo its distinctive ‘smoky wood’ fragrance and dark amber colour.
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    What the experts say: Eva Proudman MIT IAT

    Read about what hair loss expert & haircare specialist Eva Proudman MIT IAT, the current Chairman of the Institute of Trichologists, has to say about the Juniper Scalp Therapy Shampoo. View Post
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    Making Minoxidil and other topically applied treatments such as ‘Regaine’ more effective

    The use of Minoxidil has proven to be an effective method for controlling androgenic hair loss in many people. There can, however, be a problem with the method of applying treatments to the scalp. View Post
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    Hair Loss Treatments: Are they effective, and how much do they cost?

    Hair loss can be caused by many factors, both external and internal, and can affect both men and women of all ages. Are there any effective treatments against this frustrating condition? How much do the various treatments cost in the UK? View Post
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    The link between hair loss and a healthy scalp

    There are dozens of reasons why we lose hair. Some are exclusive to women, such as hair loss following childbirth. Others are common to both sexes; like those caused by illness, or the drugs used to treat an illness. Stress is also a common cause of hair loss, as is dieting, or a poor diet - both of which can cause thinning of the hair. View Post