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    The six oils of the Juniper Scalp Therapy Shampoo - TEA TREE OIL

    Tea Tree Oil, derived from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant found natively in Australia, has been used medicinally by ancient aboriginal tribes to treat cuts, grazes, and infections. In the 1920s, Arthur Penfold, a scientist from Sydney, extracted oil from the plant's leaves and discovered its powerful antiseptic and anti-microbial properties. This discovery created a commercial harvest of the plant due to the growing demand for its oil. View Post
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    Hair Myths & Facts - Bald men are more virile!

    Sorry bald men, but it’s not true. It is often assumed that because the male hormone testosterone causes male pattern hair loss, a balding man must have high levels of it and so must be more virile than a man with a full head of hair. However, it is not so much the level of hormone which causes this type of hair loss, but how the hair cells respond to it - and this is genetically determined. Read here to find out the science behind it... View Post
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    The six oils of the Juniper Scalp Therapy Shampoo - THYME OIL

    Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) originates from France, the Mediterranean, and other parts of Southern Europe. While its fragrant leaves are a popular culinary herb, the use of Thyme Essential Oil dates back to the ancient Greek and Egyptian civilisations who used it both for its strong fragrance, as well as its many healing properties. View Post
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    Hair Myths & Facts - Pulling one grey hair will make two grow in its place!

    This is a hair myth - pulling out one hair does not cause two to grow back in its place. But if the hair is starting to turn white (there is no such thing as grey hair) and you pull one white hair out, it may well be that the neighbouring hair is just about to start growing, so two nearby hairs commonly appear white around the same time. 'Grey hair' is only the effect of white hair interspersed with normal, darker coloured hair. View Post
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    The six oils of the Juniper Scalp Therapy Shampoo - CORN MINT OIL

    Corn Mint (Mentha arvensis), also known as field mint or wild mint, is a flowering species of the mint family. Found in the UK between July and September, the Corn Mint plant also grows across the temperate parts of Europe, India, Siberia, the Himalayas, and North America... View Post
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    Hair Myths & Facts - Hair as big as a bed!

    The surface area of a head of hair is huge. Hair that is 16 inches long has a surface area of approximately 40 sq. feet - this is about the size of a large bed and a much larger surface area than that of the skin. View Post
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    What The Experts Say: Lisa Gilbey MIT

    Lisa Gilbey MIT is a former Board member of The Institute of Trichologists, with 13 years of clinical Trichology experience and 25 years in the world of hair. She runs the Northants Hair & Scalp Clinics – Trichology treatment centres in Wellingborough and Milton Keynes. View Post
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    The six oils of the Juniper Scalp Therapy Shampoo - JUNIPER OIL

    Juniper, or Cade, has irrefutable healing properties with ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Greek civilisations using the oily brown liquid from its trees as a medicine and skin ailment long before its use as an edible. 

    Our Juniper Oil is a rectified Cade essential oil made from coppiced Spanish Juniper Trees. Juniper tar is extracted, steam filtered & purified, leaving a wonderful ingredient with a strong, natural smell that gives our shampoo its distinctive ‘smoky wood’ fragrance and dark amber colour.
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